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Similarity for a social network.

occhialiThis is a revolutionary concept that allows the end user to locate, in two or three steps, among thousands, one or more persons with very clear characteristics.

The existing systems are dichotomizing systems: that is, ‘show me the members 25 aged or more’. If there is an interesting member aged 24, it will be bypassed.

From the perspective of social network with which we will do the agreement, the social network should:

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Epiphany, Dollar, Euro and our future…


One year ago, that is on Christmas 2011, I published the following in Italian language, that you can still  find at the address

 The text is:

 Suppose to be a big capitalist, but really big. With the help of some banks and some friends is not difficult to move the price of Italian Government bonds.

The so-called spread does not actually exist and the concept that we use to define such a spread is nothing more than the price difference that applies between the market value of bonds.

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Two roosters on the walk.



Ten years ago, I published the following:

Volatility, homeostasis, micro-catastrophic behaviour and two currency units (the roosters).

 After the Euro introduction, there is a lot of volatility on the international financial markets. This is true, but we could think that there is no correlation between Euro and volatility: on the future it is possible that the being volatility will diminish.

Unfortunately, we will show that, until the Euro will be a co-star (with U.S.Dollar) and a global, computerized international financial market will exist, such a volatility will be greater, at least partly, than the volatility that we could have without the Euro. 

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Obama wins…

Now Obama can try (if he will) to limit the banks power.

After the second nomination, he is more free and on the short-term the stock exchange can  suffer.

Again, be careful.

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If Obama lose and Romney wins…

The winner probably will say that Obama was too permissive and that they  (Obama & Co…) printed too many dollars.

The market could go on the short side.

In effect , the situation can become very inflationary or very deflationary. The latter is our opinion.

Be careful.

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